Fallout 76 launch codes for September 9-16

Fallout 76 launch codes for September 9-16

Sep 12 cruz4d3r  

Fallout 76’s endgame is all about raining down fire and brimstone so you can tackle the toughest foes and get the best loot. To do that, you need the Fallout 76 launch codes.

Fallout 76 launch codes change every week, but we’re here to make sure you don’t miss the chance to bring the post-apocalypse apocalypse to West Virginia.

Before you even think about nuking VaulyBoy69, though, you need to make sure you complete a series of tasks so you’re ready for this fiery endgame content.

Here are the steps you need to complete to be able to launch nukes whenever you like:

  • Join the Enclave and unlock the Whitespring Bunker
  • Next, complete Back to Basics and Officer on Deck
  • This gives you access to the Command Center within the Whitespring Bunker
  • Shoot down a Cargobot to get a Nuclear Keycard
  • Usually you need to find clues from high level enemies and decrypt those clues, but we’ll let you skip that step with this guide
  • Reach the nuke terminal within the difficult silo dungeon
  • From there you can choose your target

Once you’ve fired off a nuke, you’re free to explore ground zero to fight high level enemies and find some of Fallout 76’s best loot.

So, what are the Fallout 76 launch codes this week?

Fallout 76 nuke launch codes for September 9-16

  • Alpha: 45836295
  • Bravo: 61311889
  • Charlie: 17267573

Fallout 76 nuke launch codes for September 2-9

  • Alpha: 34959739
  • Bravo: 33701503
  • Charlie: 98469385

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