Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Ability Orbs and Void Spheres guide – farm upgrades with Infinity Trials

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Ability Orbs and Void Spheres guide – farm upgrades with Infinity Trials

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They might be the world’s greatest heroes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get even better. Throughout your time with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, you’ll be able to upgrade your favourite heroes’ abilities to take on even the strongest of intergalactic baddies.

But to do that, you’re going to need the right materials. Most skill upgrades require Ability Orbs, which can be found hidden around the environments that you visit.

In the Team menu, you can then increase the power of your skills, make them more efficient, or broaden their area-of-effect.

Here’s everywhere we’ve found Ability Orbs in the game so far.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Ability Orbs

You main source of Ability Orbs in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is Infinity Trials. These are separate from the main story, but the items you collect there transfer over to your story mode.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Infinity Trials

Infinity Trials task you with things like defeating bosses under certain conditions, or surviving against waves of powerful enemies.

After each one, you’ll earn a rank and a star rating. Your start rating determines the amount of item rewards you get, which are often Ability Orbs.

This is how you get the largest quantity of Ability Orbs during the early game, but you can also collect extra costumes for your heroes, as well as whole new playable characters.

To unlock new Infinity Trials, you need to complete the ones adjacent to it on the grid. Each one has a level that determines its difficulty, so they’re also a good way to level up your heroes to earn AP.

Additional Ability Orb locations

You can also find single Ability Orbs in hidden locations throughout the game, as well as earn them from story boss battles.

Here’s a spoiler warning for the names and order of boss battles, as well as situations that arise.

  • During the first Guardians of the Galaxy mission, look for a breakable wall when you teleport to the prison. Break the box inside for an orb
  • Later on The Raft when make your way towards the prison control tower there’s another box at the far end of the first security gate puzzle you encounter
  • Win the Miles Morales, Ms Marvel, Spider-Gwen battle
  • Beat Mysterio
  • On your way to Shadowland, there’s a metal fence that you need two slam heroes to break in the second batch of searchlights you encounter. Inside the box is an orb
  • Beat Elektra

We’ll add more to the list as we find them.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Void Sphere

Also around the environments, you’ll find another type of items – Void Spheres. Here’s everywhere we’ve found them so far:

  • In a box in the security gate puzzle after you meet Luke Cage
  • Beat Doctor Octopus
  • Just after Jessica Jones gets you into Shadowland, you’ll come to a fork where you can go across a bridge to the left or to a raked garden in front of you. In the raked garden there’s a box with a Void Sphere inside and an Infinity Rift
  • After you’ve beaten Bullseye and gone through the side-scrolling corridor, you’ll come to an elevator. On the far side there’s a breakable wall with an item box behind it. You need a barrage and a shock hero
  • Defeat the Ultron Sentries with the Wasp

Again, we’ll add more as we find them.

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