There’s a Game of Thrones Easter Egg in Borderlands 3

Sep 13 cruz4d3r  

Here’s another Borderlands 3 Easter Egg for you, and this time it’s a nod to Game of Thrones.

If you watched Game of Thrones you know who was the Mother of Dragons. But in Borderlands 3, she’s the Mother of Grogans.

This particular Easter Eggs is on Eden 6 where if you go into the sewers, you will encounter the aforementioned enemy, Mother of Grogans. She even spawns three dragons which fly around the place spitting fire at you.

To find the area, go to the planet and head to the section on your map called The Anvil. Go to the room at the very back of the sewers to an area called West of Gross – a nod to Westeros.

Normally, when you open the chest in the room, she will come out the door in the back and unleash her dragons – but she may not.

If you happen to enter the area and she’s not hanging around, you can always come back to see if she spawns.

As Arekkz notes, the Easter Egg isn’t tied to quest like the one for Lord of the Rings. Instead, it is just something a bit fun added for flavor.

If you’re just picking Borderlands 3 up, here’s a guide character on the best builds and one on locked chests.

Borderlands 3 is out today on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.



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